For 2023, Weezie’s goals are to double its team by entering the North American market.

Weezie, a software company that offers management solutions for fiber optic networks, doubles its invoicing in 2022. Following the entry into three new countries, contracts for the next three years worth more than 5 million euros, and the doubling of sales, the expectation is that in 2023 the value of sales will double again.

With six years of activity and presence in five countries, this solution has already helped its customers bring fiber to more than 50 million homes around the world. After taking its first steps in Germany and the Balkan Peninsula, in 2023 the startup aims to enter the largest global market, the US market.

“The big economies tend to lag a lot in the implementation of the fiber-to-the-home network, and investments in these areas are now being developed. In the case of the US, just the public investment planned by Joe Biden’s administration to bring fiber to the homes of all Americans reaches 65 billion dollars, so Weezie’s presence in this market is very promising and gives us great prospects for continued growth,” says João Sousa Guedes, CEO of Weezie.

The startup emerged as a solution to digitalize and automate the traditional work of fiber network management and offer telecom companies software that provides the best experience to the end customer. This solution allows not only a 60% reduction in working time when compared to the traditional format, but also a 90% reduction in incidences in the implementation of fiber.

To be able to increase the commercial area, invest in marketing and sales and explore the US market, the company has been looking for new investments and has already established contacts with some European Venture Capitals, some with a presence in the US.

The startup closed in 2019 a financing round of 525 thousand euros, secured by Novabase Capital in partnership with Busy Angels. Three years ago, Weezie closed a Seed round, with a valuation of 3.5 million. During the current round, the expectation is that the final valuation will be around 7.5 million.

Following this growth and after having increased in 2022 50% of the number of employees, the startup intends to maintain this growth rate in 2023 and is recruiting several profiles from technological – senior and junior – specialized in back-end and front-end areas, to commercial and support profiles.