Weezie will be exhibiting on stand 189 at Connected Britain, the UK’s leading connectivity event, to be held on September 20-21 at ExCeL, London.

The event brings together the most innovative and influential leaders in the industry to discuss, explore, and shape the future of communications. This year, Weezie will be at booth 189 from September 20th to 21st, to showcase the groundbreaking innovations of Weezie Fiber, the cloud-native SaaS solution that streamlines the deployment and management of fiber optic networks for telecom operators.

Weezie will unveil new features of our fiber optic network implementation and management technology and explain how they drive operational efficiency, enhance service quality, reduce costs, and improve the ability to make data-driven decisions, contributing to the overall success of telecom operator companies. Our team of experts – CEO João Sousa Guedes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Nuno Esteves, COO Pedro Rodrigues, and CTO Pedro Branco – will be available to share in-depth information on optimizing your network.

To encourage relevant interactions, all attendees can schedule personalized information sessions with our team during Connected Britain. These sessions provide the perfect platform to address questions, delve into specific concerns, and explore the many ways in which our solutions can seamlessly integrate and drive a telecom operator’s business forward. To book a clarification session, please contact: geral@weezie.io.

Where UK Connectivity Leaders Gather

Connected Britain transcends the boundaries of a traditional conference; it emerges as a dynamic nexus where influential figures from the public and private sectors convene. Within this dynamic environment, a palpable synergy unfolds, uniting industry trailblazers and visionaries with a shared purpose: to carve the trajectory of connectivity’s future.

A robust amalgamation of 5,000 participants, 1,000 organizations, 300 speakers, and 350 exhibitors converges to foster a hub of intellectual discourse and networking prowess. Here, a rich tapestry of insights and perspectives intertwine, representing the diverse facets of the connectivity landscape.

By exploring 12 distinct content themes, Connected Britain gracefully shatters the confines of conventional conference norms. It metamorphoses into a jubilant celebration characterized by advancement, unity, and collaborative zeal. As the exhilaration of thought-provoking discussions and enlightening sessions subsides, the spirit of camaraderie perseveres, echoing harmoniously through our afterparty.

Yet, beyond the immediate spotlight, an apex of acknowledgment awaits. At our awards ceremony, we extend tribute to those who have etched an indelible mark in the realm of connectivity. As the curtains fall on this exceptional event, its resonance continues to reverberate, fostering connections, igniting innovation, and shaping the very essence of connectivity’s unfolding narrative.

Connected Britain is an opportunity to discover the cutting edge of fiber optic network management with Weezie Fiber. Join us on stand 189 and witness first-hand how Weezie’s innovations redefine efficiency, quality and decision-making in telecoms operations. Blending visionary ideas, personalized discussions and collaborative networking, Connected Britain is set to leave an indelible mark on the connectivity landscape, transforming the way we shape the future of communications.