Weezie opens its doors next Friday, February 24, for the 1st edition of Weezie Open Day, to showcase the tech company and its culture. But it’s not for everyone.

The event features activities to show how the tech company works, quick interviews for candidates wanting to join the team, career guidance and CV review, platform demonstrations, prizes, and more. And we have internships to offer.

The open day starts at 10 am and closes with a Happy Hour at 5 pm. The searched profiles include Engineering and Information Technology areas, senior and junior, specialized in back-end and front-end areas, to profiles for the areas of Management, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Design and Communication, and Marketing.

“Weezie’s entire team is very excited to welcome in our office the young talent and show talent in our office and to show what fiber we are made of. There is no way to explain our team spirit and internal culture, so we decided to open doors and show them”, says Sousa Guedes, CEO of Weezie. “We invite all students and professionals of various profiles from Engineering and Information Technology to Communication and Marketing, but we warn in advance, this may not be for you”, he adds.

Weezie is a Portuguese software startup, founded in 2016, based in Porto, that offers fiber optic network management solutions, focused on the automation and digitalization of the processes associated to the development of a telecom network.

Weezie provides a solution that integrates into a digital ecosystem the planning, execution, control, and management teams in order to offer the best experience to the final client. Not only does it reduce work time when compared to the traditional format, but also non-conformities between the project and what is implemented.

Currently, Weezie is focusing its growth in the UK, but by 2023 it hopes to enter the US market as well. Following this growth, Weezie, currently with about 20 employees, wants to double its team by 2023.