Weezie will be at the FTTH 2022 Conference taking place in Vienna on May 23-25 to present the modules and features of WeezieFiber, the Intelligent FTTx and Collaboration solution.

Demand for broadband is skyrocketing. The WeezieFiber FTTX Intelligent & Collaboration platform is innovating and optimizing future fiber optic networks, improving their flexibility and efficiency.

With 20 specialized workshops, 19 conference sessions, and 6 keynote addresses presented by over 150 ‘C’ level speakers and experts, plus a two-day exhibition featuring leading fiber technology providers, FTTH will provide an unparalleled experience, sharing in-depth knowledge of FTTH and other fiber-enabled end-to-end technologies and solutions.

Weezie develops fiber-optic network solutions focused on automation and digitalization of processes and oriented towards CapEx control and OpEx management, helping customers control the high fixed costs of network design, construction, and maintenance and decreasing the time to market. It promotes the real-time sharing of accurate and reliable data through simplified communications and a single source of truth, enabling informed decision-making.