This new funding will allow Weezie to accelerate the Marketing area and sell out its technology to benefit its customers namely FTTH operators and continue to grow in the European market and in new markets such as the North American, South American and Asian markets.

The investment was made through the Novabase Capital Venture Capital Fund, under the “Compete” Program, integrated in the QREN and through Busy Angels under Compete 2020 Program, and co-financed by the FEDER.

“We remain attentive to technology companies with great potential and impact in the global context of digital transformation and we believe that Weezie, which we knew two years ago at Web Summit, is well positioned to lead the deployment of fiber optic networks globally,” explains Maria Gil, administrator of Novabase Capital, quoted in a statement.

Lurdes Gramaxo, executive manager of Busy Angels, adds that “Weezie represents, in a continuity of the mission, another investment in a dynamic and enterprising team that has developed an innovative technology, already with proven value for the market and with ambition of global player”.

Weezie, which has a team of 15 people, wants to hire 10 new employees by the end of 2019.