Portuguese Startup Weezie has announced its entry in the UK’s market, after signing a contract with the British telecommunications’ operator of reference, Airbrand.

Weezie’s tool WeezieFiber, a platform that manages Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network infrastructures, is preparing to support the telecommunications’ operator Airband in supplying high speed broadband services to over 500.000 setups in England and Wales by the end of 2025, an operation that has been underway since early September.

“WeezieFiber has been a revelation. The triple viewer is great, as is the constantly displayed information. The program saves a lot of effort tooautomatically calculating several variables, and simulating multiple outcomes. We are excited to find new ways to use this impressive and capable tool in areas other than design across Airband”, highlights Jodie McConnell, Head of Internal Design at Airband.

Weezie’s entering the UK’s market followed the Government’s presentation of a GBP 5 million program of broadband, roughly 5,8 billion euros, which aims to ensure that capable gigabit networks are made available to at least 85 % of the country’s facilities by the end of 2025, and as close as possible to 100 % moving forward.

Weezie was founded in Oporto, in January 2018, and in 2019 Bynd Venture Capital and Novabase Capital ensured an investment volume of 525.000 euros. Airband was founded in 2009 and has since then been supplying high speed broadband services to residences, companies and industries in rural areas with difficult access.

Weezie’s platform WeezieFiber allows for FTTH network operators to optimize processes, automatize tasks, and manage all data in a centralized, secure and accessible manner.