This event was of great importance to us to increase the awareness of other parties of the aim of our solution, especially for the tech and telco industry and it was the ideal opportunity to meet both existing and potential clients, get brand exposure, and discover latest industry trends.

The Conference entitled “Building The Digital Future“, was packed with exciting tech talks. The three-day event highlighted the key role of FTTH in building state-of-the-art digital societies as well as the benefits of FTTH deployment for fixed/mobile operators, governments, and consumers.

Weezie has participated following the appointment of Sponsors and as Silver members of FTTH Council MENA, having 3 Spex Delegates on the site to support the event and a Booth to present the Fibercloud powered by Weezie solution.

In order to accelerate the availability of fiber-based, ultra-high-speed access networks to consumers and businesses, the FTTH Council MENA promotes FTTH, and so do we. Weezie was present on site powering WeezieFiber, the complete FTTH solution for telecom operators. According to this industry organization, it delivers a flow of new broadband services that enhances the quality of life, contributes to a better environment, and boosts competitiveness.

Weezie shares the vision of FTTH Council MENA, “Creating a sustainable future is not just about protecting the environment, it is also about wider benefits to society and its citizens, and the economic health of communities and nations”. According to FTTH Council MENA “Fibre to the Home has a positive impact on all three of these areas”, and as FTTH R&D specialists we agree on that.

WEEZIE as a Software House offers a web and mobile solution for fiber-network planning, design, construction, and management for FTTH (Fiber to the home) – the installation of optical fiber from a central point directly to individual buildings – with applications in telecoms, utilities, smart cities, and smart companies.