In just a year WEEZIE made a difference and showed that it is much more than a software producer. Now Weezie has more clients and, according to the best international practices, is expanding and gathering the best partners to join.

WEEZIE was a target of an investment round of over half a million euros, an important recognition of the group’s sustainable growth. The operation, which ended in March, was led by Novabase Capital and attended by Busy Angels.

“Much has been said about Porto’s good wine, beautiful climate, and affordable living costs and we’ve done our share. But thriving in the European startup scene is another game. Yet Porto is making progress – the city was awarded the Best Startup-Friendly City of Europe (…) today we’re looking at 10 of Porto’s most interesting startups to look out for in 2019.

Reinaldo Ferreira (CEO of TakeaCity)
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Last year WEEZIE became an FTTH Council Europe Member and now Weezie joined the FTTH Council MENA. These are two of the world’s most important FTTH organizations that recognized the benefits that WEEZIE provides for the Telcom and Utilities Industry.