Weezie will be present at the FTTH Conference 2023, the world’s largest fiber optics summit that this year will take place in Madrid, April 18-20.

Over three days, the conference will host more than 3,500 participants and will feature more than 100 exhibitors, including our company founded in 2018. There will also be several lectures where experts will share their knowledge through debates and workshops on fiber optic trends, services, and solutions.

At Weezie’s booth, the CEO – João Sousa Guedes -, CTO, COO, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and also elements of the department, with the objective of provide the exchange of knowledge between Weezie’s employees and the professionals of the event.

“One of Weezie’s main goals is to enable fiber optics to reach around the world and, as such, our presence at the largest global fiber optics conference is a great opportunity not only to exchange views with major carriers but also to share our knowledge and our knowledge and testimony”, says João Sousa Guedes, CEO of Weezie.

The technology emerged as a solution to digitalize and automate the traditional work of management of fiber optic networks and offer telecom companies software that provides the best experience to the end customer. This solution allows not only the reduction of 60% reduction in working time when compared to the traditional format but also a 90% reduction in fiber deployment incidents.

After having increased, in 2022, 50% the number of employees, the startup intends to maintain this pace of growth in 2023 and is recruiting various profiles from technology – senior and junior – specialized and junior – specialized in the back-end and front-end areas, to profiles for the commercial and support commercial and support area.

Weezie is a software startup, founded in 2018, headquartered in Porto, that offers fiber optic network management solutions, focused on the automation and digitalization of the processes associated with the development of a telecom network.

Weezie offers a solution that integrates in a single digital ecosystem the planning, execution, control and management team, in order to offer the best experience to the end customer. This allows not only the reduction of working time when compared to the traditional format, but also nonconformities between the project and what is implemented.