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Machine Learning Engineer

Why us?

Weezie is a pioneering technology company that leverages the power of AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data analytics to revolutionize fiber-optic network expansion and optimization. We are seeking a skilled and motivated Machine Learning Engineer to join our dynamic team and contribute to our groundbreaking projects.

Role and Responsibilities

As a Machine Learning Engineer at Weezie, you will play a pivotal role in developing advanced Machine Learning models and algorithms for our innovative projects.

You'll play a key role in...

  • – Collaborating with cross-functional teams to understand project requirements and design Machine Learning solutions.
  • – Developing, training, and fine-tuning Machine Learning models using state-of-the-art techniques and libraries.
  • – Implementing data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model validation to ensure high-quality predictions.
  • – Conducting exploratory data analysis to gain insights and drive informed model development decisions.
  • – Integrating Machine Learning models into our platform, ensuring scalability, efficiency, and reliability.
  • – Optimizing and fine-tuning models for improved performance and accuracy.
  • – Collaborating with Data Scientists and Network Engineers to ensure seamless integration of Machine Learning solutions.
  • – Staying updated with the latest developments in Machine Learning and AI technologies.

Who will be a good fit for this role?

  • – Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field (Master’s preferred).
  • – Proven experience as a Machine Learning Engineer, with a track record of developing and deploying ML models.
  • – Proficiency in programming languages such as Python and libraries like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or scikit-learn.
  • – Strong understanding of Machine Learning algorithms, data structures, and statistical analysis.
  • – Experience with data preprocessing, feature engineering, and model evaluation techniques.
  • – Solid understanding of cloud technologies and distributed computing.
  • – Excellent problem-solving skills and a proactive approach to addressing challenges.
  • – Strong communication and teamwork skills.

If you are passionate about Machine Learning, innovation, and creating impactful solutions, and if you’re excited about joining a forward-thinking company at the forefront of technology, we encourage you to apply.

Our Values

  • 🐱 Innovative and creative culture encouraging curiosity.
  • 🤜🏼🤛🏿 Diversity, equity, and inclusion. Everyone is welcome. We support the diversity of the communities in which we live and serve.
  • 🫶 Trust and transparency. We do what we say we will do. Building trust with our employees.
  • 🌱 Community and environmental giving. We give back to our community by volunteering our time, supporting charitable organizations, and minimizing our footprint.

Benefits and Perks

  • 🤪 Fun work environment
    Nobody works alone, we work as a team. We provide a relaxed and interactive work environment but with maximum responsibility.
  • 🏥 Health Insurance
    We provide health insurance plans, with the option to add family members and upgrade the conditions.
  • 📈 Career development and talent development
    We offer a personal and professional development budget for skills development and training.
  • 🤑 Compensation
    We offer competitive compensation and attractive salary packages.
  • 🏠 Hybrid Office
    We provide autonomy to choose where to work and how to work.

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To apply, please submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your Machine Learning experience and your motivation for joining Weezie.