The FTTH conference, was a key moment in the Weezie’s annual calendar. We have to say thank you to everyone that visited our booth! Truly it was a very successful event.

We are now working hard on extensive communication with a few of the telco we have met at the event and which we believe could be even more successful with the help of Fibercloud 2.0 Solution.

The Weezie team is at this moment studying needs and establishing objectives in order to know how to integrate the Fibercloud 2.0 solution as a personalized all in one SAAS tool to everyone interested. This will make a real difference and bring successful results as we can add the client system to our solution!

It was a real pleasure to be present in the largest fiber optic conference in the world.

Our team would like to share with any telco interested company the best in the world of fiber optic networks.

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The Weezie team!

With 3000 participants from 100 countries, the FTTH Conference is the largest meeting place in the world for all broadband stakeholders! Join more than 120 exhibitors & partners in Amsterdam!

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